Autumn news

Just a quick update on what’s happening.

I am now represented by the Wey Gallery in Godalming, Surrey. So if you are down that way pop in and say hello to Julie & Clare and have a look at their wonderful place.

I have a few pieces of work in the xmas exhibition at the Wood End Gallery, Pertenhall. MK44 2AS
On from the 29th October – 18th December 2016

There will be all sorts of art work and craft work for sale with prices ranging from a few pounds to over a thousand. Something for everyone.

Angela will be happy to greet you with coffee and cake (ok, probably only tea and biscuits but it’s a good exhibition)


My painting ‘South Kensington station‘ having won a Derwent award in the summer has gone on to be placed 6th in Impressionism Landscapes – American Art Awards and 2nd place in the Innovative category of American Art Awards


Woooooh !!


Late Winter Newsletter

Yet again my newsletter is running late.

It’s that late that it really should have been written in the Autumn.

I was busy making sure that I would have enough paintings for the forthcoming exhibition in Nottingham and I was having the new studio built. As below.

The Art shed

The shrubs have been removed and the ground has been levelled.


The ‘shed’ is built.

The making of the Art shed

Side view






The Art shed

Drying the inside. It rained all the time the shed was being erected.



The Art shed

Painted inside, shelving built and art being produced.








This is a wonderful space and it would have been perfect. In fact for all of the 6 weeks I used it, it was.  This had been built so I didn’t have to rent a space away from home because my Mum, who lived down the road, was worried if I wasn’t close by. Her health was deteriorating rapidly.

My Mum was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given 6 – 9 months to live. That was 6 years ago. Three years ago I moved back to the village to help support her.
Just before Christmas she went into the hospice for a few days so they could monitor her and sort out pain management. She was due to come out before the New Year.
Unfortunately she never did. She died at the end of January.

The funeral took place three weeks later.

When my Mum was in the hospice I was visiting morning and afternoon and doing very little in between. Since she died I have done even less and now my brother and I have the daunting task of clearing her house. I feel as though I should be painting but cannot at the moment.  It will come back I’m sure.

I promise that my next post will less personal and more upbeat. So for now I bid you adieu.

Late (late) summer newsletter

This newsletter is very late and I really have no excuse other than I had little to write about.
Or more to the point nothing to report that I thought would be of interest to anyone other than myself.

I have been busy painting Nottingham scenes for an exhibition in Spring 2016 at Focus gallery, Nottingham.
I will also be producing a range of art cards that will complement the paintings shown.

I am still painting London scenes and have been down to the Capital a few times on photo shoots.

Temple Station  Acrylic on Canvas  Size: 61cm x 61cm

Temple Station

Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 61cm x 61cm

Of course this summer has been less than kind in regards good weather. Grey skies do not a good photo make.
Grey skies do not a happy artist make either.

Moving on…

I did go and have a look at Art in the Gardens in Sheffield. It was a really good day and the sun shone too. A brilliant array of work on show. I am tempted to participate at this event next year.
I will be applying for a stand at Patchings festival for next years event when they send out the invitations.

I have been looking at a few other place too.

In a couple of weeks I am going to check out The Other Art Fair in London as a possible venue for next year.

In the meantime my small studio is bursting at the seams and encroaching too much on my personal house space.
I have decided I really need a bigger space so a garden studio seems the way to go.

That sounds rather grande but basically it’s a big insulated shed with electrics.

I hope to remember to take photos of the build.

So folks until I have more news I leave you with a new but slightly different painting.

Emerald sea – boy with fishes

Spring Newsletter





It’s been a busy time yet again.

This year for the first time I joined the Open Studios Notts.

Open Studios Notts, supported by the Arts Development Service, is a series of linked events organised and run by artists and makers across the county over 6 weeks through May and early June.

There is also a Central EXHIBITION AT RUFFORD CRAFT CENTRE running from 3 May to 7 June.
I have 3 paintings in this exhibition along with a number of mounted prints.

I turned my home into an Art Gallery for the weekend of 16-17 May.
Not knowing any other artists in my village. I went solo on this.

It was a great success.
Many people came to have a look at what I do and how I do it and some also came to buy which was fantastic.
Visitors stayed for at least 30 minutes, many stayed for a lot longer chatting and drinking tea and coffee which flowed
freely all day.
Some even came back for a second visit over the weekend.

I made short quick video before everyone came for those that wanted to see the exhibition but weren’t able to attend.
This I have now uploaded to YouTube if you’d like to have a look.
YouTube video

One of my twin daughters and her husband had come up from London to help out at the event.
(Having persuaded me to do it in the first place.)
And then her twin sister surprised me on the Saturday evening by turning up to give her support as well.
(Her husband having offered to look after the boys at home for the rest of the weekend.)
Thank you girls (and boys) love you loads and I wouldn’t have got this far without you.

Yesterday I dropped off a painting to Patchings for inclusion in their exhibition.
Patchings Open Art Competition 2015
This will run during and after the Art festival.

Have I got time to put my feet up for a break.
Well, no actually.

I am in the middle of doing some more New York paintings and as soon as the rain stops and the weather brightens up I will have to get on down to take photos in Nottingham.

More on that in the next installment.

Prints are now being stocked at Focus Gallery, Derby road, Nottingham
Pop along and have a browse.

Exhibition news

My first London exhibition was a resounding success.







The 2 day event arranged by Will Trump of Swiss re went down exceedingly well.

-0008085 -0009085






25% of monies raised through the sale of paintings and prints is being donated to  Alzheimers Society, which is Swiss re’s charity of choice for this year.

So far just over £500 has been raised from the event and for this week only 30th March – 5th April
25% of the purchase price from sales on the website on all paintings and prints will be donated to Alzheimers Society .

Lets see if we can raise some more.



Website has a new home

I’ve been keeping myself busy these last 2 weeks.
I am working on two paintings but a lot of my time has been taken up re building my website.

It hasn’t been that long since I built my website and on the face of it the new one looks pretty much the same.
In fact unless you looked at them side by side you wouldn’t know I’d changed anything.

The new site is now built in wordpress and has a really nice gallery shop.
Also moved the blog over to this as well.

Rather than the other which was a bit of dreamweaver, a bit of photoshop and lightroom and a lot of fustration.

This new site has a fully functional inventory. It’s what goes on in the background that is so good for me.

Anyway now it’s working and me not being that computer literate I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Above is a new work in progress

Too much, too late

I’ve been a little lax and I really do need to commit to this and post at least once a fortnight.

So much happens in a month, at least in the summer, that it’s impossible to get it all down and do you really want it all in one go.

I think not.

Besides that it makes it difficult for me to know where to start.

So I’ll start with Patchings Art Festival.

If you’ve only just heard about this then I’m afraid you’ve already missed it.

It was a four day event from the 5th – 8th June.

You may want to make a note of it for next year as it tends to be on the same weekend every year.

This was their 21st year.

I remember going to the first one and it has GROWN since then.

A regular feature of the festival is The Artist and Leisure Painter 2014 Patchings Open Art Competition Exhibition140 selected paintings from this year’s competition are shown in two of Patchings galleries. My painting is in The Barn Gallery with work from The Artists category, with the Leisure Painter section on show in the Pavilion Gallery.

This exhibition runs on until July 20th so there is still time to catch it.

If you would like to vote for my painting you can do so Here

There were over 200 artists and makers at this year’s Festival. Many were demonstrating their craft.
In one marquee all the various painting mediums were represented including works on paper, printing and calligraphy. Glass and mosiacs were also represented in this marquee.

The other exhibitor marquee housed creators of items using textiles, jewellery made from metals, stones and beads, and work in wood and metal. The ceramics and sculpture section was also located in this area.

They had a new area this year at the Festival which was dedicated to ‘the art of photography’. The additional large marquee included photographic exhibitors, workshops, and a seated arena for presentations by well known photographers and trade stands.

I have to admit by being disappointed by the Artists Materials marquee.

This was the only area that has not grown, which for me at least was a shame as I was hoping to stock up on supplies.

If you like to see artists working, talk to them about their work or take part in workshops this is the place for you.

Maybe your an artist and are thinking of participating next year. All I will say is, it was heaving.

My Birthday

It’s a busy weekend as it was the 55th Dukeries Rally through Sherwood forest and local woods on the Saturday and my birthday on the Sunday.

This is the weekend when the family gets together and this year was no exception.

Unfortunately Saturday was mainly wet, at least until the late afternoon but Fliss, Jay and the boys battled the weather and went out in the storm to watch the Rally cars compete.

Nat, Will and I weren’t that brave so stayed home.

Sunday turned out to be lovely, sunny and warm and yet again for my birthday out came the barbeque.

It was looking decidedly dodgy but the weather came through and we all had a great day.


















Website Revamp

That aside, I took a break from painting to update my website. It took me a week and I was really pleased with how it looked until the family came.

It was at this point that I casually mentioned how good the site was looking and could they check it out.

Disaster. How technology moves on. I had been happily plodding on totally oblivious to the fact that in this day and age everyone (bar me and a few other dinosaurs) use their mobiles for browsing the internet. As well as buying from the internet.

The galleries were totally disfunctional and the shopping cart was ….

well, lost ?. Where had my cart gone along with my paypal buttons. That was a really good question. Lost in the virtual world, never it seems to be seen again.

Another week passes and finally I have an up to date website.

As far as I know fully functional with tablets, pc’s and mobiles.

Thanks to my daughters for their long distance aid and assistance.

It’s been a hard long slog and now all I want to do is get down to doing some painting.