Late Winter Newsletter

Yet again my newsletter is running late.

It’s that late that it really should have been written in the Autumn.

I was busy making sure that I would have enough paintings for the forthcoming exhibition in Nottingham and I was having the new studio built. As below.

The Art shed

The shrubs have been removed and the ground has been levelled.


The ‘shed’ is built.

The making of the Art shed

Side view






The Art shed

Drying the inside. It rained all the time the shed was being erected.



The Art shed

Painted inside, shelving built and art being produced.








This is a wonderful space and it would have been perfect. In fact for all of the 6 weeks I used it, it was.  This had been built so I didn’t have to rent a space away from home because my Mum, who lived down the road, was worried if I wasn’t close by. Her health was deteriorating rapidly.

My Mum was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given 6 – 9 months to live. That was 6 years ago. Three years ago I moved back to the village to help support her.
Just before Christmas she went into the hospice for a few days so they could monitor her and sort out pain management. She was due to come out before the New Year.
Unfortunately she never did. She died at the end of January.

The funeral took place three weeks later.

When my Mum was in the hospice I was visiting morning and afternoon and doing very little in between. Since she died I have done even less and now my brother and I have the daunting task of clearing her house. I feel as though I should be painting but cannot at the moment.  It will come back I’m sure.

I promise that my next post will less personal and more upbeat. So for now I bid you adieu.

Spring Newsletter





It’s been a busy time yet again.

This year for the first time I joined the Open Studios Notts.

Open Studios Notts, supported by the Arts Development Service, is a series of linked events organised and run by artists and makers across the county over 6 weeks through May and early June.

There is also a Central EXHIBITION AT RUFFORD CRAFT CENTRE running from 3 May to 7 June.
I have 3 paintings in this exhibition along with a number of mounted prints.

I turned my home into an Art Gallery for the weekend of 16-17 May.
Not knowing any other artists in my village. I went solo on this.

It was a great success.
Many people came to have a look at what I do and how I do it and some also came to buy which was fantastic.
Visitors stayed for at least 30 minutes, many stayed for a lot longer chatting and drinking tea and coffee which flowed
freely all day.
Some even came back for a second visit over the weekend.

I made short quick video before everyone came for those that wanted to see the exhibition but weren’t able to attend.
This I have now uploaded to YouTube if you’d like to have a look.
YouTube video

One of my twin daughters and her husband had come up from London to help out at the event.
(Having persuaded me to do it in the first place.)
And then her twin sister surprised me on the Saturday evening by turning up to give her support as well.
(Her husband having offered to look after the boys at home for the rest of the weekend.)
Thank you girls (and boys) love you loads and I wouldn’t have got this far without you.

Yesterday I dropped off a painting to Patchings for inclusion in their exhibition.
Patchings Open Art Competition 2015
This will run during and after the Art festival.

Have I got time to put my feet up for a break.
Well, no actually.

I am in the middle of doing some more New York paintings and as soon as the rain stops and the weather brightens up I will have to get on down to take photos in Nottingham.

More on that in the next installment.

Prints are now being stocked at Focus Gallery, Derby road, Nottingham
Pop along and have a browse.

If you have to ask the price !

I’ve been a little busy of late.

Painting, paintings to exhibitions, more painting.

The thing that has taken most of my time though is sitting at the computer.

Trying to source reasonable priced printers to print quality prints is like wading through fog.

So many options, variations and of course, prices.

There are a few who have lovely websites and no prices.

Well, like my father used to say

“If you have to ask the price you can’t afford it.”

I did and you know what, he was right.

They don’t advertise the prices for a reason.

Eventually though I have found one. Test prints were gorgeous.

The new prints can be bought through Artfinder but they do charge me a commision.

If you want to grab yourself a bargain I am also selling them through my own website.
Seas of Red (installation by Paul Cummins), 2014 Limited Edition Giclée

Marking one hundred years since the first full day of Britain’s involvement in the First World War.
This is a very poignant reflection on a moment in time.
When this installation is complete in November 2014, the moat of the Tower of London will be filled with 888,246 ceramic poppies.
Each poppy represents a British military fatality during the war.
Keeping in the spirit of the theme of this piece 10% of net from these prints will be donated to The Royal British Legion.

This is a stunning piece of artwork printed on Elegance Velvet Platinum, Fine Art Paper

Seas of red


Check it out here









The Tower and the Shard, 2014 Limited Edition Giclée

The Tower and the Shard


Florence Biennale

Some of you may have noticed that my last blog was a little early.

Now of course this one is a little late
Don’t panic I’m not going to be publishing more per month.
It was a slip of the finger.
I wrote the blog while I had something to say, with the intention of publishing it with any necessary amendments on the due date.
Unfortunately Preview and Publish sit very close to each other and I pressed the wrong button.
Then I had A MOMENT, you know the one, when you’ve just pressed send after writing a text message and suddenly you realise you didn’t want it to go.

There is NO getting it back. Text, blog, e-mail.
Once it’s gone it’s out there, you can press as many buttons as you want.
It ain’t coming back.

In future, I will be writing my thoughts down in text edit or similar and then transferring to the blog when I’m good and ready.
The down side to this is I have to type it out all again as cut and paste will not function.
Maybe I need to upgrade !

Have any of you heard of Barney Davey ?
I hadn’t until recently and now I’m an avid follower of his blog.

Art print issues

It is actually more interesting than the title might suggest and it doesn’t just cover art prints. If your an artist I suggest you have a look.  You may find out something you didn’t know.

If you only read one then try this Power of the Backstory. I’m pretty sure that this has opened up my saleability. I never really gave it a thought before but it does make sense.

Florence Biennale
The day after my last blog was published there was a email of interest dropped in my box.
Not many people email me directly from my website so that alone caught my attention.

‘The International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence has the pleasure to inform you that you have been selected by the International Selections Committee to participate in the X Edition of the Florence Biennale will be held October 17 to 25, 2015 at the historic venue, the Fortezza da Basso in heart of the city.’

It’s a trade show for artists, but by invitation only.

Now what I need to know, is have any of you been to this and what did you think of it. ? More importantly have any of you participated and was it worth the expense. ?


Bah humbugs !

If you have been following my blog you will remember that I was trying to sort something out that related to copyright laws.

Well it seems that NBC are either much too busy or just didn’t deem my request worthy of a reply as I’ve heard nothing from them.

The ITV on the other hand were very quick to reply with a negative response.

The first reply went something like this.

‘……but they are also talent which would require a fee to clear their image use for commercial use on top of that ITV would also require a fee for any of their brands used.’

I then realised that I had not mentioned that this was for charity so sent a follow up e-mail explaining it wasn’t for commercial use but for charity.

The reply

‘we still wouldn’t allow for this to go ahead, other than reasons already stated we cannot allow ITV programming to associate to certain charities. ITV obviously has Text Santa charities and other corporate affiliated charities relationships to protect.

Apologies to still say no to this request again.’

You are possibly wondering what this is all about or maybe by now you really don’t care but I am going to telll you anyway.

The idea was to do a series of paintings on TV detectives. these would be auctioned off in aid of Cancer research.

Why Cancer research, well my Great Grandfather, Great Uncle and fathers cousin have died of, or have prostrate cancer. My father died of skin cancer and my mother has been battling for a few years with terminal lung cancer.

One of my daughters is a clinical scientist working in the field of genetics and there has been talk of genetically made drugs to target individuals and their specific cancer instead of the debilitating chemo.

It seemed like a good idea.

The concept being that scientists who are working on trying to bring about cures for cancers especially in the field of genetics are in fact detectives.

Working in the field of science they too have to follow clues and work out strategies to bring the culprit to justice.

Tv detectives seemed to me an obvious choice. Unfortunately it is not to be.

Maybe they just didn’t like my example.

PoirotI am still awaiting a reply from the BBC but that could be a while coming as I had to resort to snail mail.

They only provide e-mail forms of 350 characters which you can access after going through various other stages and when I contacted them by phone they explained they do this because they don’t want spam. !

Of course of all the tv detective series three quarters of the ones we remember were on the ITV channels.

Oh well, onward and upward.


A few weeks ago I uncovered an old portable sketching easel.

I was looking for some supports to use for an exhibition and wanted to test some things out.
This easel turned out to have the double ended bolt and turn screws missing so was in fact pretty useless.
I did contemplate going down to the local DIY store to look for something to fit, but then looking on the internet I discovered that Winsor and Newton still produced the very same easel.
I sent off an email explaining what I needed and asked how much a replacement part would cost.
They asked for a photo of the easel and a postal address.
Two days later with no monies changing hands I was in possession of the very part I needed to make the easel a functional piece of equipment.
Kudos to Winsor and Newton

Ssh…… Top secret

I seem to have spent a greater part of last week trawling the internet and trying to find out information.

I have been in contact with both the BBC and ITV and am waiting for an email from NBC Universal (USA).
Copyright laws and all that jazz.
Isn’t it annoying to have a great idea only to be bogged down by red tape.

I like to do things by the book, so if anything comes of it I will let you know. Until then I’m afraid I will have to keep the idea under wraps.

I have been visiting a few galleries in the locality.
Most seem to be dominated by prints these days.
Ok, so they are limited editions, but they all come from 2 publishers.
It’s a bit like in the days of the Athena poster shops.
Is there a franchise going on that a lot of galleries are part of.
If your not affiliated to one publisher you certainly are to the other. In Nottingham the opposing publishers have galleries virtually facing each other.
This unfortunately means that if your not on the books of the publisher your not going to be hanging in the gallery.

What happened to the independants ?
I am either looking in the wrong place or they have hung their last and closed their doors.

By the way, Thanks George, Now he does have his own gallery and does like my work and when he has an opening for a new artist…..

I also found a new online Gallery.


I say new. That is not strictly true, I have known of the site for quite a long time I just wasn’t sure that it was right for me.

How wrong can someone be.

Yesterday I uploaded 6 images and was accepted to the site.

This morning before I had to go out I completed the information on four paintings and they went ‘live’.

This afternoon I arrived home and went to start putting the info on more paintings to find one painting had already sold.

Needless to say I will be uploading a few more to this site and filling in the relevant information as soon as I can.

Follow me on Artfinder

Too much, too late

I’ve been a little lax and I really do need to commit to this and post at least once a fortnight.

So much happens in a month, at least in the summer, that it’s impossible to get it all down and do you really want it all in one go.

I think not.

Besides that it makes it difficult for me to know where to start.

So I’ll start with Patchings Art Festival.

If you’ve only just heard about this then I’m afraid you’ve already missed it.

It was a four day event from the 5th – 8th June.

You may want to make a note of it for next year as it tends to be on the same weekend every year.

This was their 21st year.

I remember going to the first one and it has GROWN since then.

A regular feature of the festival is The Artist and Leisure Painter 2014 Patchings Open Art Competition Exhibition140 selected paintings from this year’s competition are shown in two of Patchings galleries. My painting is in The Barn Gallery with work from The Artists category, with the Leisure Painter section on show in the Pavilion Gallery.

This exhibition runs on until July 20th so there is still time to catch it.

If you would like to vote for my painting you can do so Here

There were over 200 artists and makers at this year’s Festival. Many were demonstrating their craft.
In one marquee all the various painting mediums were represented including works on paper, printing and calligraphy. Glass and mosiacs were also represented in this marquee.

The other exhibitor marquee housed creators of items using textiles, jewellery made from metals, stones and beads, and work in wood and metal. The ceramics and sculpture section was also located in this area.

They had a new area this year at the Festival which was dedicated to ‘the art of photography’. The additional large marquee included photographic exhibitors, workshops, and a seated arena for presentations by well known photographers and trade stands.

I have to admit by being disappointed by the Artists Materials marquee.

This was the only area that has not grown, which for me at least was a shame as I was hoping to stock up on supplies.

If you like to see artists working, talk to them about their work or take part in workshops this is the place for you.

Maybe your an artist and are thinking of participating next year. All I will say is, it was heaving.

My Birthday

It’s a busy weekend as it was the 55th Dukeries Rally through Sherwood forest and local woods on the Saturday and my birthday on the Sunday.

This is the weekend when the family gets together and this year was no exception.

Unfortunately Saturday was mainly wet, at least until the late afternoon but Fliss, Jay and the boys battled the weather and went out in the storm to watch the Rally cars compete.

Nat, Will and I weren’t that brave so stayed home.

Sunday turned out to be lovely, sunny and warm and yet again for my birthday out came the barbeque.

It was looking decidedly dodgy but the weather came through and we all had a great day.


















Website Revamp

That aside, I took a break from painting to update my website. It took me a week and I was really pleased with how it looked until the family came.

It was at this point that I casually mentioned how good the site was looking and could they check it out.

Disaster. How technology moves on. I had been happily plodding on totally oblivious to the fact that in this day and age everyone (bar me and a few other dinosaurs) use their mobiles for browsing the internet. As well as buying from the internet.

The galleries were totally disfunctional and the shopping cart was ….

well, lost ?. Where had my cart gone along with my paypal buttons. That was a really good question. Lost in the virtual world, never it seems to be seen again.

Another week passes and finally I have an up to date website.

As far as I know fully functional with tablets, pc’s and mobiles.

Thanks to my daughters for their long distance aid and assistance.

It’s been a hard long slog and now all I want to do is get down to doing some painting.

And on it goes !

Just when you thought it really couldn’t get any worse.

I must have p….d someone off big time
If anyone knows which gypsy it was that I crossed please step forward now.

Yesterday I went into town (yes, Debenhams accepted the jeans were faulty and reimbursed me.) and went into Beales (formerly Co op) for a drink and a bite to eat. There I got served a luke warm cup of coffee which I had to take back. Then when they brought the panini to the table after warming it up I could have used as a weapon.
When i told him it was rock hard he said I wasn’t the first person to mention it.
He gave me a credit note for coffee and panini next time I go in, then mentioned they will be closing for six weeks for refurbishment.
He needn’t think I’d have been rushing back anyway.

This morning I put out the washing, turned round and the line had dumped all my clothes on the lawn.

Left it until to take the dogs to the woods. A car parked behind me on the narrow road. Other cars parked in the designated parking spaces either side of me.
The garage had turned off my warning beeper and I reversed into the side of the car behind.
Left my details and the guy has phoned me.
Now just have to wait to see what the damage is.
The people who were parked at the right hand side of me gave me their name and addy as witnesses. I had to wait for them to leave before I could actually manouvre my car out it was so tight.

I got an e mail from the National Lottery to say there was news about my ticket.

Great, I’ve won £2.90 on the Euro millions.

I didn’t even realise you could win so little.

Better not spend THAT all at once as I’m going to need it.

I really think staying in bed is going to be a better option for rest of month.

Oh and I forgot to mention the dog lost his ball in the woods.

He was spooked by Friar Tuck and his Merry men as they appeared from out of the trees.  I kid you not !  I don’t know if Robin Hood was with them but Eric was legging it down the path as fast as he could. Jake on the other hand strolled nonchalantly on. He, of course, sees men wearing ‘long dresses’ everyday.