Late Winter Newsletter

Yet again my newsletter is running late.

It’s that late that it really should have been written in the Autumn.

I was busy making sure that I would have enough paintings for the forthcoming exhibition in Nottingham and I was having the new studio built. As below.

The Art shed

The shrubs have been removed and the ground has been levelled.


The ‘shed’ is built.

The making of the Art shed

Side view






The Art shed

Drying the inside. It rained all the time the shed was being erected.



The Art shed

Painted inside, shelving built and art being produced.








This is a wonderful space and it would have been perfect. In fact for all of the 6 weeks I used it, it was.  This had been built so I didn’t have to rent a space away from home because my Mum, who lived down the road, was worried if I wasn’t close by. Her health was deteriorating rapidly.

My Mum was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given 6 – 9 months to live. That was 6 years ago. Three years ago I moved back to the village to help support her.
Just before Christmas she went into the hospice for a few days so they could monitor her and sort out pain management. She was due to come out before the New Year.
Unfortunately she never did. She died at the end of January.

The funeral took place three weeks later.

When my Mum was in the hospice I was visiting morning and afternoon and doing very little in between. Since she died I have done even less and now my brother and I have the daunting task of clearing her house. I feel as though I should be painting but cannot at the moment.  It will come back I’m sure.

I promise that my next post will less personal and more upbeat. So for now I bid you adieu.

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