Late (late) summer newsletter

This newsletter is very late and I really have no excuse other than I had little to write about.
Or more to the point nothing to report that I thought would be of interest to anyone other than myself.

I have been busy painting Nottingham scenes for an exhibition in Spring 2016 at Focus gallery, Nottingham.
I will also be producing a range of art cards that will complement the paintings shown.

I am still painting London scenes and have been down to the Capital a few times on photo shoots.

Temple Station  Acrylic on Canvas  Size: 61cm x 61cm

Temple Station

Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 61cm x 61cm

Of course this summer has been less than kind in regards good weather. Grey skies do not a good photo make.
Grey skies do not a happy artist make either.

Moving on…

I did go and have a look at Art in the Gardens in Sheffield. It was a really good day and the sun shone too. A brilliant array of work on show. I am tempted to participate at this event next year.
I will be applying for a stand at Patchings festival for next years event when they send out the invitations.

I have been looking at a few other place too.

In a couple of weeks I am going to check out The Other Art Fair in London as a possible venue for next year.

In the meantime my small studio is bursting at the seams and encroaching too much on my personal house space.
I have decided I really need a bigger space so a garden studio seems the way to go.

That sounds rather grande but basically it’s a big insulated shed with electrics.

I hope to remember to take photos of the build.

So folks until I have more news I leave you with a new but slightly different painting.

Emerald sea – boy with fishes

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