Website has a new home

I’ve been keeping myself busy these last 2 weeks.
I am working on two paintings but a lot of my time has been taken up re building my website.

It hasn’t been that long since I built my website and on the face of it the new one looks pretty much the same.
In fact unless you looked at them side by side you wouldn’t know I’d changed anything.

The new site is now built in wordpress and has a really nice gallery shop.
Also moved the blog over to this as well.

Rather than the other which was a bit of dreamweaver, a bit of photoshop and lightroom and a lot of fustration.

This new site has a fully functional inventory. It’s what goes on in the background that is so good for me.

Anyway now it’s working and me not being that computer literate I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Above is a new work in progress

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